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At Leonard Electric, we are licensed and insured so you can hire us with confidence. We've been proudly serving the Limestone area for over 15 years, and guarantee you quality workmanship and our commitment to excellence in service.

Dependable Limestone City Electricians 

Licensed Electrical Contractors are the only businesses in Ontario, (with exception), legally authorized to do electrical work in your home or facility.                         

As Licensed Electrical Contractors We:

* Are qualified to perform electrical work to meet the Ontario Electrical Safety Code

* Have Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Coverage

* Have a ECRA/ESA licence 

If you use a general contractor or other trade professional who subcontracts the electrical work, it must be done by a Licensed Electrical Contractor.

Check the status of the person working in your home or find a Licensed Electrical Contractor.

Reference: "Hiring A Licensed Electrical Contractor" reprinted (with edits) from Electrical Safety Authority.

8 Steps To Hiring An Electrical Contractor

1. Get recommendations

2. Get estimates from at least three electrical contractors

3.Ask about their guarantees and warranties

4. Ask for an estimate in writing

5.Ask about a timeframe for the project

6. Check licensing and insurance

7. Assess their credentials and experience

8. Read reviews and testimonials

Are you a licensed electrician?
Yes, absolutely! Licensed electricians hold either a Journeyman license or a Master Electrician license. The only difference between the two is the years of experience. An electrical contracting company must hold an Electrical Contractor license.
What is your estimated timeline to complete the job?
Electrical contractors will often have more than one job happening at a time. Ensure you ask your electrician for a timeline, including the start and finish dates and understand that processing times may sometimes affect these dates.
Will this job require a permit?
Small jobs, like replacing outlets or updating light fixtures, typically don’t require a permit or inspection. Whole-house rewiring, hot tub and pool wiring, panel change-outs, and other large jobs, however, usually do need a permit and a visit from a electrical inspector.
What is your warranty or service guarantee?
Ask us about our gauranteed service contract which we require for most jobs.
Who is in charge of any associated repairs?
The majority of your home’s electrical system is hidden behind walls and ceilings. Depending on the work, your electrician may need to cut access holes in the drywall. Make sure that you know exactly how much of this type of work the electrician will need to do and how (or whether) it will be repaired. We work closely with an esteemed local general contracting company who can take care of any necessary repairs. Ask us for more information about our general contractor.